RIP Jim Petrie, Legendary ‘Minnie the Minx’ Artist

Cartoonist Jim Petrie, best known for his long-running association with The Beano comic, passed away last week at the age of 82.


Petrie took over the Minnie the Minx strip from creator Leo Baxendale, and went on to illustrate over 2000 stories with the character, a career lasting more than 40 years. His was a definitive take on the character, a rebellious girl who defies her parents wishes at every turn and wants nothing more than to eat giant plates of chips, eggs, and sausages.

His first Minnie story was in 1961, his last in 2001 – meaning he was also ‘my’ Minnie the Minx artist, as I grew up reading the Beano during the last 90s. For me, there was only ever Petrie’s Minnie the Minx – and she was an indelible role model for every aspiring rebel.

He worked with DC Thomson, publishers of The Beano, right up until his retirement in 2001. In his very last Minnie strip, he decided to give her a taste of justice, as only an artist can:


Beano editor in chief Mike Sterling commented

He’d been a teacher by profession, and became known as ‘the only teacher who could control Minnie the Minx’.

DownTheTubes remember Petrie in their fantastically detailed obituary here.


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