Alert! Dungeon Fun 3 Cover, Release Date Announced

Come gather round the keening bell, people of Midgard! Or however Thor likes to rally the troops. If you do happen to have a keening bell, I would suggest that you follow his advice, however, for news of high value has been revealed to the internet: Dungeon Fun 3 will be released at Thought Bubble this November, and the cover is thus:


From Neil Slorance and Colin Bell, Dungeon Fun has been perhaps my favourite comic book of the last few years. They publish it through DoGooder Comics, with the first issue coming out last year and part two earlier in 2014. It’s the story of a girl called Fun Mudlifter, who happens upon a sword, nicks a shield, and heads out into the world of the monster dungeon in order to fight some creatures, bicker with cretins, and generally sass things up a whole load.

It’s really fun, brilliantly entertaining, and all kinds of other things. Now that you have gathered by the keening bell – ring it! Tell everybody else this news. Dungeon Fun returns in November!


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