Every Panel Ever: Panel Nine

What’s the best way to get people interested in comics? Show them some comics. Every day The Spire posts a comics panel, with the ultimate goal of one day having posted every single panel which has ever been written, drawn, edited, inked, coloured, and lettered. It’s, y’know, obviously going to happen.

Ever heard of a comic called Casanova?



Doctor Who as written by Jeff Noon, Casanova is a series which frequently falls back in on itself, sometimes on purpose, as it offers what the creative team feel is the most comic-book of comic-book storylines. That’s Casanova on the right there, outright stating his opinion on such matters.

Much of the comic is centred around him being dragged into things he doesn’t want to do, by people he doesn’t want to spend time with and for reasons he doesn’t really comprehend. At every page, Matt Fraction, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba bombard him with yet more sensory overload he doesn’t need in his life, and he makes sure to let them know whenever possible.

Sometimes, of course, he jumps into things himself – and that’s where the comic really starts to get daft.


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