Charles Soule Signs Marvel-Exclusive Contract; Letter 44 Will Continue

News came through last night that Charles Soule has signed a Marvel-exclusive contract which will begin in 2015. This means that as of next year, his only ‘for-hire’ books will be with Marvel. In a post on his blog explaining the contract, he notes that Letter 44, his creator-owned book at Oni Press, will continue onwards, unaffected by this decision.


So this means that the era of Charles Soule writing seventy (approximate figure) comics a month is over. He’s been putting out, in seriousness, around eight or nine comics a month for the last year or so, and the Marvel exclusive contract will see an end to that. Instead, he’ll be guaranteed a set amount of work by the company per month – currently in the form of a She-Hulk ongoing series, the Inhuman book, and ‘The Death of Wolverine’ storyline – which will reduce his workload but give him a certain level of work – and money, therefore – every month. That means he’ll have more time freed up to focus on the comics he’s got, and pursue other interests if he so wishes.

In fact, he does so wish, and that wish is expressly mentioned in the blog post. Having fewer books to work on per month – he’s dropping, what? I think Red Lanterns, Swamp Thing and Superman/Wonder Woman over at DC, are the three titles he’ll be dropping as a result of this contract. He also won’t be picking up any other ‘for-hire’ work for the duration of the contract. That means he’ll have four books every month from now on, as things stand – three for hire, and one creator-owned.


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