Getting a Lift to a Superhero Battle: ‘Spark’ by Ted Anderson and Alex Law

I saw this comic on Tumblr five minutes ago, and really enjoyed it. It’s about a fledgling superhero called ‘Spark’, a young girl who has to ask permission before she’s allowed to go off fight supervillains, and commutes across to the fight scene in her mum’s car. It’s really really good fun.


And hey – got this website, so it’s only right that I talk about Spark a little. The character designs are what make the comic engaging, to me – each of the members of the superhero team Spark joins have a personality and approach. Not every character gets the chance to show off that personality right now (several just show up, look fun, but stay in the background) yet the designs are universally strong and allow them each to at least indicate their intent and interests.

It’s also well-paced, which not every webcomic can boast. With unlimited space to tell as long a story as they want, many webcomics fall into a trap of spinning the wheels for an extended period of time, which leads the reader to get bored and give up. This, however, felt to be exactly as long as I’d want it to be. The comic starts off, introduces the concept, leads to a big fight scene… but then makes sure to not overstay the welcome. The payoff is fairly obvious right from the start, but having it come sooner rather than later makes the joke a stronger one, and also defines the character quite nicely.

You can find Spark here.

All in all, Spark is a really neat piece of work. You’ll breeze through it quickly, but that – to me – is one of the positives of it. Engaging, fun, self-aware and really well conveyed by Law. Not everybody can make a fight scene hold together over an extended period of time, but this is one was terrifically sequenced and told.


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