Jordie Bellaire Joins ‘The Nameless City’ with Faith Erin Hicks

Over on Twitter just now, cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks has broken the news that colourist Jordie Bellaire will be joining her for her next project, ‘The Nameless City’.


This marks the next project for Hicks as writer/artist, following the recent ‘Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong’ graphic novel published by First Second. The publisher will also be handling this new story, which is set in the eponymous WAIT CAN A NAMELESS CITY BE EPONYMOUS OH GOD THERE’S NOTHING IN THE DICTIONARY ABOUT THIS Nameless City. The story follows a friendship which builds between Rat, a resident of The Nameless City; and Kit, whose country was just conquered by Rat’s.

Finding a lot in common, the pair start to unravel a grand, rich conspiracy right in the heart of the city, which only they can pull apart. Bellaire joining the project marks – I think – the first time that the pair have teamed up on a comic. It is also, of course, very very exciting indeed.

Planned as a trilogy, the first volume of The Nameless City will be published by First Second in 2016.


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