KaBOOM! Confirm Roger Langridge’s Miniseries ‘Abigail and The Snowman’

Over at GeekDad, KaBOOM! have confirmed the details of Roger Langridge’s new story, called ‘Abigail and the Snowman’. A four-issue all-ages miniseries, the story follows, well, Abigail and her friendly snowman.


A little Raymond Briggs magic fresh from New Zealand then, perhaps? The story sees nine year old Abigail move to a new town and a new school, where she struggles to connect and find friends. Luckily, though, she bumps into an escaped yeti called Claude, who has gone on the run from the Government. They decide that the only real way to keep Claude safe from the shadow men who are after him – is to take Claude back to his REAL home. And thus starts a big new adventure.

I keep saying this, but Langridge is probably the best cartoonist in the world, and the news of fresh, creator-owned projects is wonderful stuff. And! Adding to that excellent news is that the variant cover for issue #1 is by the amazing Sonny Liew, who brings even more magic to the project. See??


Issue #1 of Abigail and The Snowman will be released in December.


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