Comics Roundup 08/09/14: Secret Six is Back and Grant Morrison Pesters Alan Moore Again

Weekends are over! The Spire’s shifting ever so slightly to leave weekends for naps, and weekdays for everything else. So let’s kick off with a comics roundup! Here’s a look at the various shifting stories which’ve hit the internet over the last week.

The Cartoonists of Color database launched last week, offering a place for people to read up and share new and established creators of color within the comics industry. There is a huge disparity in the number of jobs offered to non-white creators, but things are slowly changing. Having this will help, I’d hope – it certainly offers some wonderful ideas for possible future interviews I might try and set up.


Juliet Kahn interviews the team behind the KaBOOM! Studios hit series Lumberjanes, which concluded the first arc last week (or maybe this coming week, is it?). I haven’t read any of Lumberjanes yet myself, but it seems like it’d be a silly little read to enjoy in trade. Kahn is more the reason I’m sharing this link – she’s been proving herself one of the most capable interviewers in comics, with a range of interests and interviewees which’ve made her pieces on Comics Alliance must-read – even when you don’t know the book she’s writing on.

Here’s the news that Gail Simone’s much-loved ‘Secret Six’ series will finally be returning this year, with Ken Lashley on art and characters designed by Dale Eaglesham. And yes – Catman WILL be part of the team. Prepare yourselves.

Comics Alliance preview the new collection of Wes Craig comics which’ll be coming out at Image shortly.


source code

First Second announced a new series from Gene Luen Hang and Mike Holmes called ‘Source Coders’. It’s the take on the ‘children discover a secret and magical new school to train them to be mystical – only for this, the magical school is actually a computing school, and the series will see them become super-genius coders ready to take on the world. The book will also teach readers elements of code, so you’re getting a bit of education from each graphic novel.

Zainab offers her recommendations for comics to try out this month, as ever – bringing up comics I’d never heard of and somehow, strangely, omitting the entirety of DC’s ‘Future’s End’ promotion.

Alex Dueben has a great interview with Raina Telgemeier about Telgemeier’s new book ‘Sisters’. Which! As we’d all predicted, has been a huge success, selling oceanloads of copies around the world.

Titan revealed Christian Ward’s cover for the upcoming ‘Twelfth Doctor’ series coming later this year. All hopes that this’ll be better than the TV series has been so far, cos that’s been pretty dull in the first two issues:


Lauren Davis – I wondered where she’d gone! – is at io9, and they’re lucky to have her. Here’s a piece she wrote on the common mistakes people make when they first set up a webcomic. I’ve tried my hand at a webcomic in past, and fallen prey to many of the traps she mentions.

Grant Morrison continues his weird feud with Alan Moore which has made both of them seem pretty silly, as he’ll be bringing a Miracleman story to Marvel shortly, drawn by Joe Quesada. Still don’t get why anybody cares about any of this.

Consensus says that The Death-Defying Dr Mirage was the best comic of last week. Here’s an interview with writer Jen Van Meter at Hero Complex.

Something is afoot in Newcastle.


And finally – hey! I’m back at The Beat for a guest appearance! Here’s my interview with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack about ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’!


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