Art Heroes return for ‘Endangered and Other Stories’

I really like the work done by Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson, the two who make up ART HEROES. In addition to running ‘how to make comic’ courses at local schools, the pair have put out a series of all-ages comics over the last few years – the biggest being the four-issue superhero story Halcyon & Tenderfoot, the most recent being a strip called ‘Tracks’ for The Phoenix.


So hearing they’ve returned can only be good news, especially as their next comic is to be an anthology or sorts, called “Endangered and Other Stories”. Kicking off with the time-travelling story Endangered (you may have already guessed that but shush) and following up with ‘Monster Book’ and ‘Outlaw’, the issue sees the pair trying out both familiar and new genres for their particular turn of comics. The collection will be edited by Mark Johnson.

The book will be launching at the Lakes Art Festival later this year, before heading across to Thought Bubble in due course. As Thought Bubble’s Favourite Son, I’ll catch a copy of it there and get you the review as soon as I can! Ace news all round, though.


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