Here’s Grant Morrison Talking about Annihilator

I like watching Grant Morrison interviews. He has a sort of steely charisma in his writing (and when he poses for photos!) but in video he seems to ease down into a pretty relaxed interviewee. His newest comic is ‘Annihilator’ at Legendary Comics – I think this may be one of their first big releases – with artist Frazer Irving:

I’ve mentioned the book before, but having just seen the video – which reminds that issue #1 of this six-issue miniseries came out earlier this week, and it’s probably about time I went to have a read! Although the premise is a little similar to Peter Milligan’s creator-owned one over at Dynamite, the combination of writer and artist here makes this something I’m already fascinated to see in action. Irving seems to be a perfect fit for some of Morrison’s more melodramatic tendencies, and I’m excited to see how the pair work on a story like this.


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