Multiversity’s Bill Mantlo Art Auction is Now LIVE

Howdy! Was your Thursday a miserable wasteland for you, your every minute spent refreshing The Spire to desperately see if something – anything – new was going on? I imagine so. My apologies. Let’s catch up today instead! Did you know that Multiversity’s art auction benefiting Bill Mantlo is live now?

You can find the auction here.


Art by Justin Greenwood

For a month, the site posted daily sketches and commissions from artists like Jenny Frison, Rebekah Isaacs, Christian Ward, Declan Shalvey and a whole load of others, each featuring characters created or defined by Bill Mantlo. Characters like Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord, Groot, and more.


Art by JoJo Seames

Mantlo was a prolific Marvel writer in the 1960s and beyond, starting out as a fill-in writer for books before becoming one of the most well known and loved writers of the time – he created Rocket Raccoon, had definitive runs on ROM: Space Knight and Hulk, and also wrote The Champions, a series I absolutely adore. However, his career was cut short when he was injured in a hit and run while out rollerblading, and suffered a severe brain injury. He’s since lived in care.


Art by Tradd Moore

The comics industry has been massively generous with donations to Mantlo over the years – and this was never more present than in 2014, as the release of Guardians of the Galaxy drew near. Sites like Multiversity and Comics Alliance have been stalwart in raising awareness of Mantlo’s story, whilst writers like Greg Pak and David Gallaher have been champions for Mantlo’s comics for years now. The auction, which features all the pieces you see here and many more, is just the latest move from the comics industry for a creator in need.

Good on Multiversity for running this. 


Art by Stephen Mooney


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