Comics Roundup 15/09/14: Hello Kitty, Political Monsters, and Blue Beetle’s Return

Weekends are over! The Spire’s shifting ever so slightly to leave weekends for naps, and weekdays for everything else. So let’s kick off with a comics roundup! Here’s a look at the various stories which’ve hit the internet over the last week.


Karl Kerschl drew the world a Hello Kitty comic

ComiXology are offering a new Submit bundle, made up of comics by the various cartoonists who’ll be appearing at SPX. There’s an awful lot of comics in that deal! The only one I particularly recognise is Too Much Coffee Man, which is perhaps a sign that I need to spend more time reading self-published books.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are back! The power-team of Ted Kord and Michael Jon Carter, as part of the Justice League 3000 comic. That book just revealed an opening twist, which revealed that the book is set in the Universe of the pre-52. Booster and Blue are going to be showing up in a few issues time, having travelled into the future to find out more trouble. This is DELIGHTFUL stuff.

The Dept of Monsterology is coming in October, and this week saw the release of a trailer for the upcoming series – look, see?


Jim Starlin’s doing a book pitting Hulk against Thanos. There’s something weird going on behind the scenes there, right? It feels almost like the book is coming out simply so Marvel can tell everyone “see? Starlin’s not made at us!”


Zainab takes a look at the upcoming “Darwyn Cooke” variant cover month at DC – sharing some of the many lovely landscape covers which Cooke’s put together. He’s being deployed, essentially, as a counterpoint to Marvel’s Skottie Young exclusive. Both are much-admired artists, with a cartoonist bent, and a focus on cutesy, good ol’ fashioned imagery.

CBR speak to Yehudi Mercado about his new book at Archaia – a six issue series called ‘Rocket Salvage’ about a retired spaceship racer who lives on a scarp yard with his clone children. Hey… wait a moment, I WAS THE INTERVIEWER FOR THAT ONE! Hot damn!


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