Titan Launch the Penguins of Madagascar with Alex Matthews and Lucas Fereyra

Titan have today given us a full look at their upcoming ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ miniseries, announced at SDCC but here seen for the first time in real definition.


Tying in to the upcoming Dreamworks Animation film of the same name, this is a spin-off of the ‘Madagascar’ film series which did pretty great business over the last few years and remains my cousin’s favourite film trilogy. He has yet to watch Back to the Future, mind, but he’s only seven so I doubt things will change much once he does.

Written by Alex Matthews – best known for work at The Dandy and The Phoenix – and Lucas Fereyra – who previously took on the penguins in an APE Comics FCBD issue four years ago, this is a four-issue miniseries kicking off in Autumn.

The series follows four penguins (Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private) who escaped from New York zoo in the first Madagascar film and now live lives of globe-trotting international espionage. Y’know, as we’ve all assumed penguins do. It’s a smart tie-in for Titan to leap on – these were the breakout characters from the Madagascar series, with a TV series of their own already to their name. Titan have had a handle on all-ages licenses for a while, and this looks like another pretty clever choice from them.



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