Reviewer’s End: World’s Finest Huntress/Power Girl

This month I’m reviewing all the DC titles with a “future’s end” banner. All their regular titles are jumping five years into the future this September, telling the story of how the book CURRENTLY stands to finish. Of course, the moment a new writer or event comes in, these’ll all be wiped from existence. Still, should be an interesting thing for the time being.

World’s Finest: Huntress/Power Girl is up next – a series which may or may not be written out in that way. The logo on the front cover is a fairly poor design, looking messy alongside the Future’s End branding and being cluttered and confused. It’s also the wrong colour if this is the sort of cover it was going to be slapped on.


Anyway. I’ve read elsewhere that this issue covers time between two issues of the main Future’s End book, and is riddled with continuity errors – that’s not something which particularly bothers me here, as I’m reviewing this as a single issue, away from any tie-ins. What I will say is that this is a somewhat jumbled story, which gets the characters from place to place without much of interest happening inbetween. It’s a bit of a filler story, in other words, and doesn’t offer much to the new reader.

Our main character here is Power Girl, who seems to have the power of having her shirt blown up to give her a boob window every time she fights. She’s infiltrating a secret base here, in order to rescue some of the prisoners trapped inside. We get a quick showcase of all her powers, just to get us prepped up on who she is and how she works – then things turn into a somewhat dull fight scene which leads us to the final page.

It’s all somewhat rote, really, despite some decent enough artwork from Yildiray Cinar and colourist Jason Wright. The story progresses in a predictable fashion, even if the writing and art does do a capable job of telling a reasonable character arc. The sense of unanswered mystery going on all around us – presumably something you need to read Future’s End to know about – gets in the way at times, but that does put the reader on the same foot as Power Girl herself.

It’s when Fifty Sue shows up that the issue goes from ‘reasonable but slightly dull’ to ‘confused’. She’s another Future’s End character, far as I’m aware, and basically uses her massive powers to knock out Power Girl and the other girl on the cover. Who is that other girl on the cover? No idea. She’s shown as being a prisoner on the island, I think, but then rips off her prisoner’s outfit to reveal a superhero costume beneath. She then tries to fight Fifty Sue but is knocked out in only a few panels.

I have… no idea what that character is. For all that Levitz explains and demonstrates Power Girl as a character, this other girl gets next to no definition whatsoever. Again – it’s a symptom of the fact that the issue has to quickly gets the characters to a certain place, and then abandon them. Keith Giffen, who is listed here as an advisor to the issue, hasn’t done much of a job. I think Huntress shows up, but can’t be sure. The fact DC don’t do recap pages is seriously notable with a book like this one.

Super, super-generic, this feels like a book with a capable creative team who’ve been forced to tow a company line. Nothing really happens, there’s no sense of closure by the end, and whole swathes of the issue will only make sense to readers of Future’s End. I’d give this one a miss.


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