Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose’s ‘Porcelain’ Heads to France Today, via Delcourt

The UK comic ‘Porcelain’ becomes ‘Porcelaine’ today, as the book sees a release in France by publishers Delcourt. Published by Improper Books over here, the book was a word-of-mouth success at conventions across the country since it first debuted as a preview, and has grown in whispers ever since.


That the book was picked up by Delcourt – one of the biggest publishers in France – waswas a pretty big deal when first announced, as it marks significant interest from the French publishing industry in books created on this fine sceptered isle. They came to England specifically to scout the convention scene here, and I think picked up Porcelain after seeing it at Thought Bubble.

The first in a planned trilogy of books from the creative team of Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose, Porcelain was really well marketed as it reached release a few years back. I remember seeing copies of this from as far back as 2012, in various forms, as both writer and artist pressed preview copies of it into the hands of people at conventions all across the UK – it marks the fact that, if you’re industrious enough and are willing to take a hit on free issues, you really can make your book a success just through word of mouth. Only in comics.

Porcelain is a gothic fairytale of sorts – it’s about street urchins in a victorian-styled fantasy city, in essence. The lead character – called simply ‘Child’ encounters a magical household, and meets a porcelain maker whose work is enchanting and fantastical. She’s brought into the household and raised as if she were his daughter – the problem is, she’s a very curious girl, and there’s a door he’s told her never to go through…

The first part of a trilogy, part two is planned to release through Delacourt in 2015 – following the girl as she grows up past her initial fairytale, and into whatever stories might follow her next. You can see a teaser trailer from Delacourt for the French-language version below:


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