Valiant Comics Go DRM-Free, Put Over $400 of Books in a Humble Bundle, Slap The Comics Industry and Run Off Giggling

Valiant Comics have gone overboard this week, with the news that not only have they joined a series of other publishers (IDW, Aspen, and more) in going DRM-free on their digital comics from now on – but also that they’ve only gone and set up a Humble Bundle as well.


And this is a completely ridiculous one. With a combined retail price of $420, the deal collects together 24 comics and collections for a ‘pay

what you want’ deal. Considering this collects basically every book since Valiant relaunched, that means you can buy the entire new Valiant Universe for $10. THAT’S INSANE. The money, also, is partially donated to charities including the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund.

Because with a Humble Bundle deal, anybody who pays over the average amount (which stands at around $9 at the moment) gets an expanded collection of comics, the whole library of Valiant’s relaunch is on offer in this deal. And for an extra donation, you can start to make your way into their back-catalogue as well. I can’t confirm or deny, but I believe that if you pay an extra $5, the company will actually send you Matt Kindt too.

You can find the deal here. Just… just go do it, you lot. It’s exhaustively fantastic.

So Valiant have done a pretty good job of winning the week, it seems. All this, and I never got round to mentioning that the company ALSO recently announced “Valiant-sized Quantum and Woody”, an oversized single issue which takes the world’s worst superhero team and has them attempt to save the world from a giant incoming meteorite/alternate universe versions of themselves. That issue is by Tim Siedell and James Asmus, with art by Pere Perez and the below cover from Chip Zdarsky.




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