Comics Roundup 23/09/14: So Is Magma a Roman or Not?

What’s been going on this week?! So much, you lot. It’s been another huge old big massive titanic week of colossal STUFF!


Art by Jojo Seames

Multiversity’s art auction on behalf of Bill Mantlo raised a staggering $4500 for the creator – and it’s not even finished yet! Absolutely brilliant.

Rachel and Miles have returned to help X-Plain the New Mutants. If you know the New Mutants, you’ll know that means one thing: an attempt to work out just what the flip is going on with Magma.

Congratulations to Lucy Knisley!!


Cruzader: Agent of the Vatican (a comic about a hooded enforcer who fights racists… aliens and vampires… on behalf of the Pope) won the Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest comic book this week. Created by Omar Morales, the edition clocks in at 37.19” x 24” and will be touring the country shortly. I’ve read a bit of this – it’s a decent enough story, which certainly picks up once the lead character suddenly starts fighting alien slavemasters inside a giant cave.

With Stumptown taking place this weekend, loads of comic creators were gathered together in Portland. They did some stuff like this.

And on that subject of conventions – this is a brilliant piece from Deji Bryce Olukotun on the rise and success of Lagos Comic Con in Nigeria.

The creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, says the story will likely end within the next three years.


I really liked this take on the new ‘Spider-Gwen’ costume from Tim O’Shea. This is one of the alt-universe versions of Spider-Man who’re appearing in the Spider-Verse storyline – and has proven to be an immediate delight and cult favourite for fans. I’d be surprised if we don’t see a lot more of this character over the next few months. Robbi Rodriguez is absolutely brilliant.


Comics Alliance got some flack for doing an article about dream-team all-female Justice League lineups. Whilst, yes, many of these teams are ace – everybody who contributed their lineup suggestion is male. It doesn’t harm the article, but it does show how easy it can be to slip and forget your audience.

Better is their three-part interview/career retrospective with Greg Rucka, conducted by Chris Sims.

There’s always an added pop when Jimmy Palmiotti interviews over at The Beat, and so it proves again with this interview here.


Zainab tells the truth about ‘Seconds’. It’s a truth everybody else seems afraid of saying: that it’s disjointed, messy, and can’t keep track of it’s central message.

The CBLDF present a list of 22 banned comics, as part of ‘banned books month’.

And finally….

Tharg the Mighty will be taking part in his first ever Reddit AMA tomorrow! 2000AD claim this is our chance to probe their editor – making a refreshing reversal from how Tharg usually prefers things. WE KNOW YOU CAN READ OUR MINDS, THARG


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