Menaced by SCOTUS, Marvel Settle with the Kirby Family

Reports are widely saying that Marvel have reached a settlement with Jack Kirby’s heirs, following a huge, long-running battle between the two on the matter of royalties. Kirby, you likely already know, was the man involved in creating countless Marvel characters like the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Inhumans and, uh, Peepers. For decades now – during his life and posthumously – his family have been trying to get a reasonable settlement from the company which credits and rewards Kirby for basically giving life to their franchise.


Fred Van Lente/Ryan Dunlavey

That battle was set on a course to the Supreme Court of the US, in a highly-publicised move backed by some high-power film companies (who had a bit of a stake in seeing Disney/Marvel lose the rights to the characters, to say the least). It’s likely now – well, I’m assuming it anyway – that the impending publicity of the case has now made Marvel back down somewhat, as they have now accordingly reached a price with the Kirby estate.

So! That’s hopefully a good settlement for the Kirby family. I imagine more will come out of this over the next few weeks, as this could be the biggest news for the comics industry of the year. We’ll be keeping an eye on things as they continue and more is explained.


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