Bendis/Quinones Tease The Best X-Men Team of All Time

There’s some kind of anthology or jam comic coming up into the X-Men world soon, with writer Brian Michael Bendis teasing several pages over the last few weeks – there was one of loads of characters kissing each other, a few days ago, which was amazing, creepy, and spotted with incest. But what’s more important is the following image, showing off probably the finest X-Men team of all time:


Pixie, Marrow, Stacy X, Colossus, Forge, Spiral, Ink, Adam X, Shatterstar, Callisto and Sage all in one place! And drawn by Joe Quinones!?

What is going on here? Well, the first assumption is likely that Bendis has assembled some sort of ‘comedy’ team here, based on a quick look through the X-Books forum on CBR. There are a bunch of very popular characters mixed in with some silly characters, and several ‘fixed’ versions of broken characters like Callisto and Marrow. Also Shatterstar is dressed in full Liefeld attire, rather than the superior gentleman gladiator garb he prefers nowadays.

I imagine this is some sort of “look at the silly team!!” thing he’ll do before killing everyone off. BUT what it should be is THE TEAM FOR ALL NEW X-MEN.

Bendis’ books so far have been an experiment in how many different ways he can write ‘alternate’ versions of the X-Men characters rather than the X-Men themselves. He’s brought them in from the past, from the future, from alternate timelines, and currently in different dimensions. It’s been everything EXCEPT writing, y’know, the characters who were around beforehand. And now a jam issue, it seems, where every page is a joke of some kind and nothing is in continuity proper.

It’s been interesting to watch this develop over the last few years, but it must be a little frustrating for certain sections of X-Men fandom? I would assume. I’ve gone off on a tangent. What I want to say basically is that this team, if expected to be a ‘joke’ team for a throwaway giggle, remain definitively a better team than the ones currently in the main X-Men books.



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