Oni Press are the Next Humble Bundle, Humbly Bundling John Allison, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Cullen Bunn and More

If you’re like me, then you’ve got the entire back catalogue of Valiant’s relaunch squirreled away on your harddrive, where you’ll probably never find time to ever read it. Good news, then, as Oni Press will be the next company to bundle up their best books into a pay-what-you-want format. 


The opening level of this Humble Bundle – where you pay what you want – will gift you books like The Sixth Gun, Letter 44 and The Auteur, whilst hitting a $15 bid nets you the first two coloured volumes of Scott Pilgrim, the first volume of Stumptown, and more. Pay over the standard bit – which is roughly $9 right now – and Courtney Crumrin, The Bunker and Down Set Fight also head into your computer.

Not a bad deal, although perhaps not quite as insane as the previous Valiant deal. You’ve got most of their best known books on there, with Scott Pilgrim being one of the more obvious deals. For those who already have the b/w versions and don’t want to bother with physical copies of the coloured versions; this seems a smart way to get hold of those ones.

Bad Machinery is probably worth this alone, but you’ve also got a whole load of Cullen Bunn stories up there too. Oni say that more books will be added to the deal shortly – I’d imagine you’ll be seeing at least a hint of The Wasteland before too long, as it’s one of their all-time biggest comics. One final note I’d make is that the opening level gets you a REALLY wide range of books, and by that I mean ‘you get some all ages books and you also get THE AUTEUR”. So, y’know, don’t let your kids read that one.

You can find the Oni Press Humble Bundle here.

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