Comics Roundup 03/10/14: A Week for the All-Ages and the Smell of Brian Michael Bendis

What’s been going on in comics this week? QUITE A DARNED BIT, YOU LOT!

Comics for 7-Year-Olds

Neill Cameron kicked off the week with a series of posts called ‘Comics and Literacy’, in which he talks about the current state of comics as a way for kids to build up their reading skills. Across the last few days he’s listed where you can find comic workshops, why comics for kids are so important, and what comics his son in particular has been enjoying recently.

Which – happy coincidence, I suppose, because I had three interviews go up at CBR this week! All of which were for all-ages comics:

First up was Everstar’s creative team of Becky Tinker and Joie Brown. You may hopefully remember them from this earlier interview we did right here on The Spire – and now they’re on CBR! I’m really enjoying that comic.

Next was Zac Gorman, who is adapting the Costume Quest games for a new book called ‘Invasion of the Candy Snatchers’. It’s a Halloween special! All about monsters heading out into the real world in search of candy.


And only yesterday I spoke with Cullen Bunn about ‘Terrible Lizard’ over at Oni Press, which is about a young girl who becomes friends with a dinosaur and have to deal with an evil corporation. Giant dinosaurs, you guys! CBR even went and picked up the first preview pages for issue #1, which looks pretty great.

Heidi’s kicking off her annual tribute to Halloween over at The Beat, where every day this month she’ll be doing a little focus piece on creepy, scary, and weird comics. You can find that here IF YOUUUU DARREEEEE

Inktober has also begun, and you can find the immediate details of it over at Jake Parker’s website. I’ve seen people like Skottie Young getting involved this year – keep an eye on the hashtag whenever you’re on twitter!

Over at Multiversity, Brian Salvatore looks at Doomed, the just-completed (albeit with a baffling final page I didn’t understand) and rather good Superman story. Was it, in fact, the FIRST good Superman story of the DC reboot? Perhaps.


Zainab’s been wanting to write something about Beautiful Darkness for quite a while – and now she has!

I thought there was some pretty great stuff on Panel Patter this week!

NYCC set up their new harassment policy, which was formed in part with the advice of people like Rachel Edidin and the good folks of The Mary Sue. Amy Reeder also helped out, contributing the design for the posters – you can read the policy here. Cosplay is Not Consent.

Brandon Schatz’s new column, also at The Beat, looks like it’s going to be a brill insider-y look at retailing and ordering. It’s all about how retailers decide to buy – or ignore – comics, and the first piece looks at some successful and unsuccessful solicitations. What makes a solicitation work? When a retailer wants to order extra copies of a comic as a result. The new solicit for Deathstroke… did not do that for Brandon.


Symbiosis is almost here! Steven Sanders’ huge art project seems set to be released within a month or so. Aiieeeee!!

Girls Like Comics has been a really quick success story – and they’re now headed to Patreon to help pay their various writers. Well worth supporting! is a new website run by Paul Montgomery, one of the main guys from iFanboy. Take a look and see what you think!

Finally – did you ever wonder what Brian Michael Bendis’ head smells like?


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