Solicits Say Batman will rise to $5 an Issue, Unless Snyder and Capullo Stop DC in Time

Solicitations for the next arc of Batman, called ‘Endgame’, caught readers by surprise earlier this week with the news that the book would be rising in price to $4.99 an issue. Although the book does have an added number of pages, boosted up to around 30 an issue, this would mark the first regular ongoing series to have such a price.

batman endgame

What makes the news interesting, however, is that it caught the creative team of the book by surprise as well. Writer Scott Snyder posted on twitter that he only learned the news as fans did – through solicitations – and that both he and artist Greg Capullo would be speaking to DC to see if there was anything could be done to change things.

He does then go on to mention that Endgame is an expanded storyline, with each issue featuring a backup storyline alongside the main one – although this was the case for several previous arcs of the series, including Night of the Owls and Death of the Family, so. It’s a little throwaway piece of news, but something that’s very interesting for the way in which the creators feel free to go ahead and question the decisions being made by their publisher. Many creators would sit back and let this happen – in fact I believe several Marvel ‘event’ books are already at the $4.99 level – so it’s quite nice really, to see the Batman duo directly addressing the price rise.

I would probably do whatever Greg Capullo says. He could comfortably lift up the entire DC office on his shoulder and physically throw it over to LA if he wanted to.

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