Flimsy Returns to Thought Bubble with Romantic Advice, Understanding, Empathy, Wine

Rachael Smith’s Flimsy, a blue cat who takes on questions from all and sundry over at Tumblr, will be returning to print comics for a new 40-page guide to love at this year’s Thought Bubble. Limited to 300 copies, each will be signed, sketched in, and numbered by Smith.


Flimsy is basically the Denise Robertson of the comics world, starring in a webcomic where she takes on questions fired at her by readers. No matter the comment, or subject matter, Smith tackles it deftly and spins it into Flimsy’s world. As an agony aunt, Flimsy is actually pretty smart, too – she tends to grasp each question sent to her and get right to the core of things. Often, this either involves reading a book or drinking some wine. Flimsy likes what she likes.

Anyway, this is the first post I’m doing about new books launching at Thought Bubble – there is no chance whatsoever that it will be my last. I really like the Flimsy strip, so I’ll be hoping to be one of those 300 picking up the new book.


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