Marvel Announce a Squirrel Girl Series from Ryan North, Erica Henderson and Rico Renzi, Somebody Pinch Me

Well, finally.


 Cover by Art Adams

Entertainment Weekly have Marvel’s announcement of a new ongoing solo title called ‘Unbeatable Squirrel Girl’, from the creative team of Ryan North and Erica Henderson (update: and colourist Rico Renzi!) North is probably best known for his Dinosaur Comics webseries, or more recent work on a Young Avengers storyline which threaded through the Original Sin event; whilst Henderson was most recently seen – I believe – on Quantum and Woody over at Valiant.

They both come from webcomics, interestingly enough, so we’ll have to see how that influences this new series. EW don’t give any details on the story itself, particularly, or offer a release date for issue #1, although it looks like the character will be at college now as the story begins.



For those unaware, Squirrel Girl first made her name in a short story by Will Murray and Steve Ditko, where she helped Iron Man defeat Dr Doom. Actually, scrap that – Iron Man did NOTHING, the victory belonged entirely to Squirrel Girl. Forgotten for a long time afterwards, it was Dan Slott who really brought her back – establishing that she was still a powerhouse, and writing stories where she defeated Thanos and several of Marvel’s other strongest villains. But all she has is Squirrel Powers! How can she defeat such powerful foes?



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