Preview: Freak Out Squares #1 (Which is Already Out, But Worth Gawping at Anyway)

So here’s a look at the first few pages of Freak Out Squares #1, by Harry French and Gerry Mac. Colours are by Harry Saxon and letters from Colin Bell.

While I’m doing a quick sprint through books you’ll be able to find at Thought Bubble, I thought it high time I get on with it and previews some pages from the already-released ‘Freak Out Squares’. I believe two issues of this four-issue series are out at the moment, published through Unthank Comics.

The vibe which the first two pages give out is pretty clear – there’s quite the Quitely going on right there. Things starts to move away from his style, though, and actually start to turn closer to Cameron’s Stewart’s style. The colouring is fantastic.

fos1 fos2 fos3 fos4


It’s a manic series, throwing hundreds of ideas at the reader on each page. The basic plot is something like: singer Johnny Orion has an ‘incident’ and has to go into recovery for a long, long time. Once he’s back in shape, he attempts to regain the spotlight – only to find that there’s a whole lot of weird stuff going on which may or may not involve government conspiracies and mild drill torture.

It’s all very very strange indeed, but there’s something very involving in the story. It seems like something which, when completed, is going to make for a really well constructed piece of work – so keep an eye on it for the time being, I’d say.


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