NYCC ’14: Black Mask Announce Their 2015 Comics Lineup, with Vanesa R. Del Rey, Matt Miner, Christopher Mitten and More

As part of NYCC, Black Mask Studios have announced a whole host of new comics they’ll be publishing across 2015, headlined by ‘Sinatoro’ by Grant Morrison and Vanesa R. Del Rey. There’ll also be a new comic from Steve Niles and Christopher Mitten called ‘The Disciples’, as well as a new print run of Matt Miner and Sean von Gorman’s’Toe Tag Riot’. Let us now delve fully into a rundown of the comics, shall we?


“Sinatoro” by Grant Morrison and Vanesa R. Del Rey

Originally planned as a film script, the series has now, somewhat inevitably, headed to comics. R. Del Rey has become very well known over the last few months, for her work on books like ‘Hit’ over at BOOM! Studios, so I’m more excited for her presence than the fact that Morrison is writing. He’s been heading to all kinds of unexpected places recently, so it is pretty interesting to see him trying out all these new publishers to see where fits him best.


The Disciples” by Steve Niles and artist Christopher Mitten

Another strong creative team there, with Niles working on several projects at the moment and Mitten coming off an acclaimed run on ‘Umbral’ over at Image. The pair have worked frequently together over the years, and this new book will see them telling a ghost story in outer space.


“Godkiller” by Matt Pizzolo and Anna Wieszczyk

With covers by Ben Templesmith, this’ll debut digitally before heading to print (I believe). Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia sort of place, the series will follow two teenagers as they go on a voyage across the wastelands for a life-saving mission.


“Young Terrorists” by Matt Pizzolo and artist Amancay Nahuelpan

A book more at home with Black Mask’s ethos, this is a fairly politically-charged series which is about a woman who breaks out of prison after her kingpin father is assassinated. Out for revenge, she encounters shadowy conspiracies and evil governments as she makes her way up to the top of the system.


“Space Riders” by Fabian Rangel Jr. and artist Alexis Ziritt

I think you have an idea of this one already, based on the cover image. This is billed as being psychedelic and full on Kirby, but I think there’s far more of a Brendan McCarthy vibe with this one. It’s a space opera, with all the b-movie madness that label implies.


“Our Work Fills the Pews” by Vita A and Matthew Rosenberg and artist Yasmin Liang

I’m just going to quote the press release on this one:

In the dark future of OUR WORK FILLS THE PEWS, the rise of fundamentalist groups and hardline political leaders has led America to a culture war it was not prepared for… when the dust settled, America had placed its own citizens in internment camps for the first time in 80 years. Camps for subversives, homosexuals, Muslims, Jews, the poor, the mentally ill… but the largest camps with the highest population of prisoners are the breeding camps where the women are held. Marcus, a gay black man, is a bounty hunter–he can stay out of the camps as long as he hunts down and arrests escapees… but he finds his conscience and his purpose when he comes upon 8-year old Sojourner and vows to sneak her across the border or die trying.


X-‘ED by Tony Patrick and artist Ayhan Hayrula

Another psych-wonk of a comic, with the pretty cool central concept being ‘what if you could inject a hitman into your head, to kill off your inner demons?’


“Last Song” by Holly Interlandi and artist Zoe Chevat

A comic is about the rise and fall of a fictional 1970s-style rock band called Ecstasy.


“Mayday” by Curt Pires and artist Chris Peterson

Strong creative team once more – I don’t think anybody is more highly praised on my twitter feed than Curt Pires right now.


“Toe Tag Riot” by Matt Miner and artist Sean von Gorman

Fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign, this sees a group of zombies go on a rampage… but only against people who suck. They go off and fight homophobes, racists, and ultimately take on The Westboro’ Baptist Church. Here’s a book where zombies are the heroes!


“We Can Never Go Home” by Matthew Rosenberg, Patrick Meaney and Josh Hood

This is way too many comics for a publisher to announce all at once. This is about two teenagers with special powers, who run off together causing chaos wherever they go.


“Transference” by Michael Moreci and artist Ron Salas

The last comic in the line-up follows a black-ops team who can send their consciousness back through time, into the body of somebody who lived in the past. When one of them uses this power to change their own history, however, things get a little more dangerous…


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