NYCC ’14: The Predator Faces a Whole New Form of Horror as it Meets…. Archie Andrews

Dark Horse and Archie have announced a new crossover series for next year by Alex de Campi and Fernando Ruiz, in which the predator creatures comes face to face with history’s greatest monster: Archie Andrews.

archie predator

Archie Meets Predator will be a four issue miniseries starting in 2015, drawn in the distinctive Archie Comics style – but, y’know, featuring a Predator that will be likely killing off half the characters. After all, this IS an Alex de Campi comic. In the announcement interview over at USA Today, she says outright that this won’t be all ages fare at all – she’s actively looking to cause chaos. After all, she IS Alex de Campi.

For me, having Fernando on the book is crucial, because he brings this air of fun and light and innocence to the characters, so the story becomes more like a Final Destination film where you never see or expect the dreadful thing coming until it happens. He has the most beautiful, easy, fluid line with these characters — he’ll really sell the interpersonal dramas that get the story rolling, and I know he’ll have fun with some of the gory stuff, too.


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