NYCC’14: Itty Bitty Hellboy Will Return in 2015!

Art Baltazar and Franco’s reinvention of Hellboy as a pint-size ‘Itty Bitty’ creation will return next year, as the duo have revealed that their ‘Itty Bitty’ series of Dark Horse characters will continue into an ongoing series in 2015. Next to be seen attached to ‘Itty Bitty Mask’, where they’ll be rebranding the Mask in their inimitable style, the branding will expand into an ongoing series which’ll then feature a series of Dark Horse characters appearing across next year.


So far they’ve taken on characters like Lobster Johnson and X and Ghost, and somehow managed to set everything into the all-ages tone that’s become their trademark. The news that they’ll be doing this for an ongoing series? Brilliant. I’ve been lucky enough to interview them in the past, and their energy in interviews is ace, too. Witness this, for example:

Somebody asked me, why is Baba Yaga in a bucket? I looked at the real character, I forgot what she was in. She was on a pedestal or something. And I thought to myself, “I can’t draw that every time I draw this character. So I’ve got to do something simple.” So I put her in a bucket, and it was easier to draw. And if I needed to flop her around, or flip her, it looks the same. Symmetrical.

Amazing. Look for more Itty Bitty comics across 2015.


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