Scott Allie Steps Down from Buffy Comics


For the last few years, one of Dark Horse’s strongest franchises has been the Buffy comics, produced alongside series creator Joss Whedon since – I think – the very start. Tentatively setting out with a few spin-off stories and flashback comics, the franchise eventually jumped straight in and started connecting directly to the main series – there was a story set after season 7 of the TV show, where Xander and Dracula met each other again, and that opened the floodgates.

Since then, they’ve not only continued to touch on the main series – they’ve actually continued it on for season 8, 9 and now 10. Telling the story set after the TV show concluded, this has seen writers like Brian K Vaughan, Jane Espenson and Andrew Chambliss. The franchise has also expanded outwards, into spin-off titles like ‘Angel and Faith’ by Christos Gage/Rebekah Isaacs, and things like a Willow miniseries.

Throughout all of that, editor Scott Allie has kept a hand on the helm – he’s also written some of the comics himself. That era ended this week, however, with the news – broken by Buffyfest – that Allie will be stepping down from the series. Sierra Hahn will instead take over as editor for the series from now on. This ends a 16-year working relationship on the Buffy comics, amazingly, which is an incredibly long run and one worth noting.

So! It has now been noted. Allie will, y’know, still be Dark Horse’s Editor in Chief. So he’s not going anywhere too far away.


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