NYCC’14: Anathema! Garth Ennis! Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero! Titan Unveil Their 2015 Comics Lineup

Titan have also revealed their lineup for 2015 at this year’s New York Comic-Con, so let’s just get right to it, do the professional thing, and copy/paste the list from CBR.

  • Rivers of London, the official in-continuity comic set in the world of the best-selling novel series written by author Ben Aaronovich along with Cavan Scott & Matthew Dow Smith;

  • the follow-up to last year’s sell-out smash Death Sentence, written by Montynero and illustrated by rising star Martin Simmonds;

  • WWII fighter pilot mini-series Johnny Red by comics legend Garth Ennis and Keith Burns;

  • black comedy Norman by Stan Silas, about a homicidal child

  • monster science-fiction graphic novel World War X by Jerry Frissen and Abe Sapien artist Peter Snejbjerg

  • action comedy Charger, by Andrew Gaska and Miki, which follows a teenager embarking on an epic journey to return his girlfriend’s phone charger

  • Anathema, supernatural horror in the vein of Hammer films by Rachel Deering and Chris Mooneyham

  • mobster science fiction story Made Man by Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero

  • a new series of deluxe Michael Moorcock Library editions, featuring classic comics adaptations.

So! What we’ve got there is a mix of new and reprinted comics. The one I think most people will jump on is the new Garth Ennis book, which is an eight-issue miniseries. Ennis has spent most of his time recently publishing stuff at Avatar, so it’s surprising to see him jump ship across to Titan for this one.


The ones which jumped out first to me were a print of Rachel Deering and Chris Mooneyham’s werewolf series Anathema, which was Kickstarted successfully a few years ago and put both firmly on the comics map. Mooneyham is now on Five Ghosts over at Image, whilst Deering has moved on to publish horror anthology ‘In The Dark’, which was distributed by IDW.


There’s also the sequel to Death Sentence, which is probably Titan’s most-praised original comic at this point. With Mike Dowling now off drawing things at 2000AD and elsewhere, artist Martin Simmonds (who you may know from UK comic series ‘Eponymous’ which I’ve covered in the past) will be stepping in. Apparently three issues have been completed so far, with more to come.


It’s always great to have more work from Matthew Dow Smith, but I’ll also focus on this ‘Made Man’ by Van Lente and Calero. This is a five-issue miniseries from the duo, who have worked together on books like X-Men: Noir. It’s a sci-fi crime series set in Brooklyn, and looks pretty good! I would never have expected that comic to come out at Titan, so there’s a nice big surprise for everyone.

There you are, then! Find more details over at CBR.


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