NYCC’14: Carl Barks and Don Rosa’s ‘Uncle Scrooge’ Will Get Artist’s Editions from IDW in 2015

More good news! NYCC’14 saw the announcement from IDW that the company will be putting out two more of their wildly acclaimed ‘artist’s editions’ collections in 2015, featuring the work of Carl Barks and Don Rosa on ‘Uncle Scooge’. With renewed attention on the comics following a collection from Fantagraphics, these two new books will see the original art reprinted at the original size.

uncle scrooge

Okay, so time for a quick Uncle Scrooge history! The character was first created by Carl Barks in the 1950s, for a series of strips and short stories which ran for decades. IDW will collect his work into what they call an ‘artifact’ edition. This means the book will collect art and stories from the original comics without worrying about missing pages or damage – the focus is less on complete stories than on a wide selection of art, if that makes sense. Artifact editions also collect things like adverts, sketches, portfolio work, that sort of thing.

For the last few decades, Don Rosa has been in charge of Uncle Scrooge – only just retiring from the character last year. He’ll be receiving an Artist’s Edition collection, which only publishes complete comics and stories. Again, these tended to be fairly short anyway, so I can’t imagine that’ll be much of a restriction for IDW.

Both books are scheduled for Spring of next year, at present.



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