NYCC’14: Quantum and Woody are Baaaaackk, with James Asmus and Steve Lieber

Good news, everybody! Valiant have announced another book outside of their mega-lineup from a few days back: ‘Quantum and Woody Must Die’, a four-issue miniseries from James Asmus and Steve Lieber


Starting in January, the series will see Quantum and Woody in that strangest of places – a friendly relationship, thanks to the couples counselling sessions they’ve been attending. But then things go terribly wrong for the world’s worst superhero team, as a whole faction of murderous mercs descend upon them for no apparent reason.

Also, their goat is pregnant.

Asmus has of course been writing the characters for a while already, having written their eponymous series as well as ‘The Delinquents’ over at Valiant over the last few years. With an oversized issue coming up near the end of this year, the announcement of this miniseries means the characters are going to still be with us on a monthly basis despite the main series having ended. Lieber will be joining the series with this storyline, as his first work since completing an acclaimed run on The Superior Foes of Spider-Man earlier this year. That’s an exceptionally strong creative team, especially for a humour title.

I am… very excited. Go read their interview with Steve Sunu over at CBR, which is great!


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