NYCC’14: Hoax Hunters Returns… At Heavy Metal?

Steve Seeley and Michael Moreci’s conspiracy-validating series ‘Hoax Hunters’ will be returning soon to the shelves, for a second season put out by, of all people, Heavy Metal.


A well known name in the 1980s, Heavy Metal were sold earlier this year and are now more of a “let’s turn comics into TV shows” gateway sort of company than anything affiliated with international artistry and alt-publishing. Sure enough, that’s the case here, as Hoax Hunters will be both their first title and their first pitch to movie/tv companies.

Originally published at Image (where books tend to be quietly led out the door than get a big finale), Hoax Hunters tells the story of a TV show where a group of professional ‘debunkers’ travel America to prove that monster sightings are fake. Their goal is to prove that there’s no such thing as a Bigfoot, or any of the other monsters claimed to be seen by civilians. The catch? The TV crew are owned by the US Government, who use them to cover up the fact that monsters DO exist. It’s a fun little book, and the Image run was really entertaining.

So it’s good news to see that it’ll be returning at some point down the line, with the writers both onboard. It’s surprising that they’ll be returning in this manner – but good comics is good comics.


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