NYCC’14: Vertigo Announce New Titles from Gail Simone and Tim Seeley

At their panel yesterday, Vertigo announced the launch of two new comics in 2014, in the form of ‘Effigy’ by Tim Seeley/Ziggy Marcone and ‘Clean Room’ by Gail Simone and Jonathan Davis-Hunt.


Effigy will be an ongoing series, and marks the first Vertigo work from Seeley – who has recently been making rather a name for himself at DC, with his writing on Grayson and Batman Eternal. The series will be about a former child star who flees back to her childhood home after being embroiled in a sex-tape scandal. Rather than finding a safe haven, however, she instead stumbles into a mystery which resembles a storyline from her old TV show. Curious. A satire of celebrity culture, it seems, you can read a little more about it over at CBR.


Clean Room, on the other hand, is a psychological horror with covers from Jenny Frison (as above!). Written by Simone and drawn by 2000AD mainstay Davis-Hunt, this follows a reporter investigating a mysterious church which claims it can cure all ‘disorders’ in a ‘clean room’. When her partner is killed whilst the investigation takes place, Chloe steps her investigation up a few notches. You can find more about the book over at The Mary Sue.

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