NYCC’14: DC Spin Round Really Fast, Suddenly Reveal Wonder Woman ’77 Series

Here’s one nobody expected: a six-part digital comic from DC based on the Wonder Woman TV show, which starred Lynda Carter as the Amazing Amazon.


Like Batman ’66 before it, the series will take the iconic and somewhat campy original series and bring it into the modern era without changing a flipping thing about it. The twirling will remain, the invisible jet will be all fueled up – and if she gets on a skateboard, you can be darned sure she’s going to put some kneepads on.

Marc Andreyko will write the series, joined by Nicola Scott as cover artist (as in the amazing image above) and rotating artists handling the interiors. Do you have interiors in a digital comic? That’s the sort of question I’m going to lazily ignore for the time being.

Debuting as a digital six-part series in December, the comic will then head to print a little ways down the line – much in the style of Batman ’66, once more. If we have a Batman and a Wonder Woman series based on classic properties, then that does make you wonder… how long until Christopher Reeves’ Superman flies in?


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