NYCC’14: Fantastic Four Finally Finishes

Confirming reports that have been going around for about a year by this point, Marvel confirmed this weekend that Fantastic Four will be ending next year. Currently written by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk, the book has been circling cancellation for quite a while now.


The unofficial report is that the series is ending because Marvel want to downplay any comics which they don’t own the film license for – which is why you see a lot less of the X-Men nowadays, and especially not in promotional material. As a result X-Men, Fantastic Four and the other few characters/properties have had limitations placed on them by the company, and writers/artists have to stick to them. That’s the unofficial line.

The official line is that the book will be ending next year.

My line? My line is that Fantastic Four has been a crap series for years now, carried along by tradition and name-value rather than any semblence of good storytelling or interesting work. Mark Millar/Brian Hitch’s poor run banged a very prominent nail into the coffin, which was propped open by sheer force of will by Jonathan Hickman. However, with Hickman now on the Avengers titles instead, the Fantastic Four have fatally floundered ever since. It’s just not a comic that works anymore, and Marvel seem to have no handle on it at all.

Can you name anything that’s happened in the current run? Or the Fraction run? Nope. That’s why I think Fantastic Four is done, for the time being. It’s run a course, and now it’s time to let it rest.


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