NYCC’14: Lemire and Perez Relaunch Hawkeye, Spencer and Rosanas Launch Ant-Man

Last few bits of NYCC news from Marvel, promise! They did also announce a new Gamora series from screenwriter Nicole Perlman, but I don’t consider that news until they tell us who the artist is. SO INSTEAD here’s news of two upcoming solo series from Marvel, one of which you’ll have seen coming for a while.


Ant-Man gets his own series just in time for next year’s movie, with Scott Lang as the man inside the helmet. Written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Ramon Rosanas, the series remains vague due to this frustratingly dull announcement interview posed to Spencer. From the questions asked, we basically know nothing about the book aside from maybe Iron Man will show up. Let’s wait on that one, then.


Comics’ other great Ramon, Ramon Perez, will be stepping into the shoes of David Aja/Annie Wu and taking on the most tricksy job in comics – coming in as artist for Hawkeye. He’ll be joined on the book by writer Jeff Lemire. The creative team have been very careful to let people know that ‘Hawkeye’ will remain a term which stretches, so both Kate Bishop and Clint Barton will remain tied to the series. Sana Amanat will edit the series, and the three speak to CBR here.

This is Lemire’s first ongoing work at Marvel, after doing a story in an anthology a few years back. Moved on from his DC contract, he’s clearly interested in racing around the world of comics for the time being – he has work at Valiant, Dark Horse, everywhere, it seems. Hawkeye looks to be moving in a different direction to the previous tone from Fraction/Aja (which, if I’m being honest? Got boring for me fairly quickly, and became something for acclaim-seekers rather than anyone else) by broadening out the focus. The new arc will be looking at Clint Barton’s past as well as present, fleshing his life out a little for readers.

One more post and we’ll all be done with NYCC ’14!


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