NYCC’14: Wolverines, G.Willow Wilson Takes Over X-Men; and the Iffy-Sounding ‘Black Vortex’

Let’s take a quick look at the X-Men announcements and pieces from this year’s New York Comic Con.


First up is the news that Charles Soule, Fay Fawkes and Nick Bradshaw will be the team for a weekly series called ‘Wolverines’. As you’ll know by now, Wolverine is due to die this week – after which he’ll start appearing in more comics than ever before, it appears. First he’ll die, then there’ll be funerals and flashback scenes, and several different one-shot comics all about his legacy, and I don’t even know what else.

Wolverines will be the next pick-up point, as far as I can tell, as the creative team follow a cast including X-23, Mystique and Sabretooth while they investigate a few loose ends which come to their attention once the Crazy Canuck carks it. Daken will also be involved, and upcoming covers suggest – oh dear – that Mr Sinister plays a role in the book. There’s no other details I can spot – so presumably the book will just continue to come out, every week, until the end of time. It starts in 2015


Adjectiveless X-Men, which launched to much grandstanding and an all-female team only to quickly completely lose the fanbase once allegations about Brian Wood’s behaviour at conventions came to light, will be getting a new writer next year in the form of G.Willow Wilson. With the current arc by Marc Guggenheim, this’ll mark the first time the book has had a female writer since it began. It also means she’ll have now written both of the most prominent Muslim characters at Marvel, so expect her to relaunch MI:13 next.


Black Vortex – who is not the name of a 1980s Justice League member, but sounds like it should be – will see Brian Michael Bendis and Sam Humphries cross over the X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy a second time. This’ll be a grander event, however, dragging in other titles like Nova and Star-Lord into its path.

It’ll see a mystical ‘thing’ come into being which can alter the existence of anybody who handles it – and will then get thrown into the hands of people like Kitty Pryde and Carol Danvers. A lot of characters are in space at the moment, so along with core books All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy, expect to see Captain Marvel, Cyclops, and several other titles get pulled into the way of this one.

The storyline – in true tradition – will have an Alpha and Omega issue bookend, each drawn by Ed McGuinness. The story is set to start in February.


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