Darkwing Duck to Return in 2015 for New Ongoing Series

The much-loved BOOM! Studios run on Darkwing Duck is to be collected into a giant omnibus next year – but that’s just the start of it, as Joe Books have teased that the collection will then lead into a new ongoing series for the character in 2015. This is rather surprising – but welcome – news, as Darkwing Duck was believed to be a victim of the Marvel/Disney merger from a few years back.


One of BOOM!’s most popular books, Darkwing Duck is, obviously, based on the Disney property. When it was announced that Disney were to be buying Marvel, it quickly came to public attention that this likely meant the end of BOOM!’s associations with Disney properties like The Muppets and Darkwing Duck. Although it’s been brought to my attention (see the comments to this piece) that this isn’t the case, nevertheless Darkwing Duck did eventually conclude with issue #16.

Now it’ll be returning under the guidance of editor Aaron Sparrow, who has rewritten and tweaked the run somewhat for a ‘Definitively Dangerous Edition’ in January, which will also feature new pages, art, and a special epilogue. It’ll be coming out in January 2015.

However, in the post announcing this news, Joe Books also say that this will be leading into a new ongoing series for the character later on in 2015. Sparrow will be writing the series, along with the returning creative team of artist James Silvani, colourist Andrew Dalhouse, and letterer Deron Bennett. You can expect to hear more on the return of the series shortly.


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