Marvel Introduce Second Hard of Hearing Character: The Spectacular Sapheara

A story I’ve been following for the past few years has been the introduction of a superhero called ‘The Blue Ear’ over at Marvel. Designed specifically for awareness campaigns, The Blue Ear was introduced by editor Bill Rosemann a little while back, and is a superhero with a hearing implant. This came directly after Rosemann received a fan-letter from a mother who said her son, who was also hard of hearing, didn’t want to wear his hearing implant because he thought he might be made fun of.


Art by Nelson Ribeiro

This led to the arrival of The Blue Ear. But now, following on from that, Rosemann has continued to press for awareness of those who are hard of hearing – leading to a new team-up book from Marc Sumerak and Karl Moline which introduces a second character with a hearing implant: Sapheara. In it, she works with The Blue Ear and Iron Man to combat bullying, hearing loss, and more.


It’s been great to see the character develop over the last few years, to the point where he’s now got his own comic AND an ally in crime-fighting. The comic will be distributed for free around schools in New York – I hope it’ll later see wider distribution around the country. More from Sapheara and Blue Ear, please!


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