Thrills To Go: Thrillbent Launch New iPad App

Thrillbent sent me a press release this week which included the word “luminaries” so I had no choice but to write it up here. That’s a wonderful word, luminaries. Ace. It’s in connection to their launch of a new iPad app, which apparently makes reading their comics even easier for people.


I don’t have an iPad myself, so I have nothing to verify this. I WILL JUST HAVE TO ASSUME THAT THRILLBENT ARE NOT LYING TO US ALL. They’re probably not. The company have been making comics specifically aimed at a digital reader ever since the beginning – their side-swiping system of panel transition has a natural fit on the iPad screen. Readers can take all their Thrillbent comics off DropBox and pop them onto their iPad.

There has been serious demand for companies to improve their comic apps over the last year, and it’s only natural that Thrillbent would be one of the first companies addressing that demand. I’m in a silly mood, but this is pretty great news for fans of the company (and especially those who have an iPad, who must be proper rich and fancy)


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