PREVIEW: Endangered and Other Strange Stories by Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson

Preview time! Lee Robinson and Daniel Clifford put out one of the best superhero stories I’ve read a few years back, in the form of ‘Halcyon and Tenderfoot’. It’s a book I still recommend now, taking a father/son crime-fighting duo and completely catching you off guard. Having completed that story, this year saw the pair feature a strip in The Phoenix – and now debut a completely new anthology book called ‘Endangered and Other Strange Stories’. Flexing all kinds of different muscles, the comic was edited by Mark E. Johnson and features time-travellers, cowboys, all sorts of things.

And now we have a preview of it! This’ll next be found at Thought Bubble, although you can also get a copy over at their Art Heroes site. Here’s Endangered, first of all, a story about a team of tenacious time travellers:

Endangered sample 3

There’s also The Monster Book:
The Monster Book sample 2


And there’s Outlaw:

Outlaw sample 1

There are a few other bits and pieces within the anthology – a few guides and tips for how to make comics yourself, chief amongst them – but I’ll leave those hidden for now. I read through the anthology yesterday morning, and really enjoyed it. I’m inclined to like them already, I suppose, but I though Endangered was a really strong character piece, which resolved in a smart and realistic fashion – I’d love to see more of that world. Outlaw is perhaps the weakest of the three, being a camp high-adventure which doesn’t have anything in mind other than entertaining (the other two stories have a little bit more of a moral subtext to them) but I thought all three were rather well done indeed.

If you have the chance to pick this up – do so!


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