2000AD To Reprint Dan Dare’s First Adventures for his 65th Anniversary Next Year

Dan Dare, the dareiest Dan in perhaps the history of comics (although not the most desperate), will be celebrating a 65th anniversary next year, with his first appearance appearing in Eagle comic way back in 1950. So in celebration, today it was announced that 2000AD will begin republishing his very first stories for a new collection.


For nineteen years Dan Dare dominated the galaxy in his serial, protecting against dastardly aliens and all kinds of cosmic threats. Then his strip ended and he went away for a while. Only a little while, mind, as he later returned in the pages of 2000AD for a few years of new stories. It’s been largely quiet since then, with the odd few scattered appearances here and there from people like Garth Ennis and Grant Morrison.

But, in 2015, we’ll see him return as 2000AD collect together the original strips into two volumes of work. The first, collecting something like fifty serials together into one book, is due out in Autumn of next year.

Mike Molcher, 2000AD’s marketing maven (that’s a word Heidi MacDonald uses all the time but I don’t know the meaning of, so I’m going to start using it in order to seem smarter than I am) sayeth:

Dan is still, to this day, seen as something of an old-fashioned hero – the original strips in the Eagle were formed from a very British idea about space exploration and the future, very different to the ‘wild new frontier’ of most American fiction. So that’s why 2000 AD’s Dan Dare is important – his popularity in 2000 AD not only helped kickstart the 1980s revival of Eagle, but also showed the character could adapt to a new age.


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