Coming to Thought Bubble: Night Post by Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder

Thought Bubble is under a month away! So we’d best get prepared, eh? For the next month I’ll be counting down as many of the comics at the convention as possible – starting with a new one from Improper Books, ‘Night Post’.


Improper Books are perhaps best known for ‘Porcelain’, the first part of a trilogy of fairytales following a girl as she grows up to become a woman. They’ve also put out a fair few books across the year, including ‘Knight and Dragon’ at T’Bubs 2013. They seem to spend a lot of time on their books, getting them up to scratch, before putting them out – there’s a high standard of work on display in their titles.

Night Post is by Benjamin Reed and Laura Trinder, an all-ages title which follows a ghoulish postal service which comes into operation after midnight and delivers letters to witches, monsters, demons and devils. Following that idea of high craftmanship which I associate the publisher with, this book is completely wordless – the story is to be told by Trinder’s artwork alone.

Is that artwork good, then, is the question. Well:

Adobe Photoshop PDF Adobe Photoshop PDF Adobe Photoshop PDF Adobe Photoshop PDF

Should answer the question for you, I think! This looks wonderful, to me. A little bit of ‘The Jolly Postman’ wrapped up in charm and some delightful sequencing from Trinder. I’m a big fan of both getting post and seeing flying broomsticks, so this is one I’ll be picking up at the festival, myself.

You can find out more about Improper Books over here.


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