Maris Wicks Lifts the Curtain on ‘Human Body Theater’

Over at Comics Alliance, Maris Wicks has an interview with Zainab Akhtar announcing her newest comics project: a book at First Second called ‘Human Body Theater’.


The idea of the book is that it tours the human body, and each system within it. She acts as her own MC, I believe, and we watch as she ‘puts on’ a new layer of body parts with each new chapter. So one act sees her wearing her digestive system, the next sees her put on her nervous system, and so on. At the end of the book she’s fully clothed, complete, and the reader has learned about everything within the human body.

Which is a neat concept, and one she expands upon within the interview itself. As an educator in her main job, this was a book which came to her fairly naturally.

Framing complex and somewhat difficult to digest (pun: intended) information is my favorite part of not only comic-making, but also my education career. How do you get someone interested in digestion? Sea slugs? Nuclear fusion? Orangutans? Slime molds? The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? For me, it’s the same recipe in comics as it is in education: passion, enthusiasm, and little humor. We are not born without curiosity; it is in our nature to discover, to learn, and to share. I want to share what I love with lots and lots of people.

Human Body Theater will be released by First Second in October of next year, as part of their Autumn lineup of books.


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