Pixie Month: Pixie and Magik

We first properly got an idea of Pixie’s personality during the ‘Quest for Magik’ storyline in New X-Men, by Chris Yost, Craig Kyle, and Skottie Young. That New X-Men run was a bit of a mean-spirited mess at times, trading character deaths in place of plot momentum or character development. The cast of the book didn’t particularly develop or change – they just got blown up, attacked, or otherwise maimed.

The Quest for Magik was Pixie’s turn to feature a bit of a maim, but this time round the writers decided not to do anything physical to her – they instead decided to mirror the original storylines of Magik and have her sacrifice a bit of her soul. In the fires of Limbo, Pixie and Magik first encountered one another – and Magik saw the potential to create a weapon. After getting the petrified girl to agree to help her, Magik did this:



Taking a portion of Pixie’s soul and trading it for:


A soul dagger, which would go on to play a huge role in subsequent stories for Pixie. She escaped Limbo and left Magik behind, but eventually Magik followed her out. During Second Coming, when all the teleporters were being targeted by villains, Magik was thrown back into Limbo using a weird magical tech artifact… thingy. And Pixie was asked to go save her.



Pixie agreed, and helped saved Magik from Limbo. Which meant now that Magik REALLY owed her. Quite a lot.

And in a very convoluted, strange manner, Magik was eventually able to help Pixie, during “The Fall of the New Mutants” storyline which featured both characters once more. Having lost more of her soul, Pixie was approached at the end of the storyline while she was recuperating in bed. Magik had something for her:


Pixie restored all her soul, meaning her soul dagger has now gone once more. In place, she’s got all her pink hair back (when she lost bits of her soul, her hair gained black streaks) and her sense of fun:


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