The Lineup for Image Expo 2015 Suggests Books from Marjorie Liu, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire and More

Image have announced a date for their first Expo event of 2015, with 8th January 2015 seeing creators including Marjorie Liu, Brian K. Vaughan, Todd McFarlane and Jeff Lemire amongst those who’ll be attending.


Which suggests that they may all be announcing new books next year at Image. The most notable of them, to me, is Marjorie Liu – who wrote some really distinct, different books over at Marvel, where she was one of the first female writers to come across to the company independently. A novelist and major comic book fan, her Astonishing X-Men run was probably the best run anybody put together on the series, and she also provided some great X-23 and Black Widow comics. She’s been away from comics for a while, but the idea that she’ll be showing up at Image soon is very exciting indeed.

There’s every chance that the other creators are there to talk about their current books – McFarlane has just put out the 250th issue of Spawn, for example, whilst apparently Scott Snyder/Jock’s series ‘Wytches’ sold over 90000 copies of the first issue. However, we simply won’t know until January. Emi Lenox is the only guest I haven’t an awareness of already, so I’ll be really interested to see what book she might be launching.

Image Expo has had a rollercoaster reception over the last few years. There are still some books from the first Expo which haven’t come out yet – there’s one from J. Michael Straczynski and Bill Willingham which is apparently due at some point – and there was also the infamous “white people on a stage” moment from last year, where every guest was a white male apart from Kelly Sue DeConnick. The most recent event brought a little diversity to the line-up of guests, and that will hopefully continue on next year.

Set for the 8th January 2015, you can find more information on Image Expo here.


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