Doctor Who! Colin Bell and Neil Slorance Jump into the TARDIS with Peter Capaldi

Each of Titan’s three Doctor Who comic books will feature a back-up strip: following Marc Ellerby’s time with Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and Rachael Smith/Emma Price taking on David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, Titan today announced that none other than Dungeon Fun’s Colin Bell and Neil Slorance will be handling backups for Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.


A Scottish creative team for a Scottish Doctor. Steven Moffat would be so proud. The Dungeoning duo will start on back-ups for the series with issue #2, featuring both the new Doctor and his companion Clara as they attempt to comprehend space, the cosmos, time, and the new eyebrows. Quoth Bell:

We’re concerned with what happens in the smaller moments between crises, when the galaxy’s not being saved. Who takes the bins out? Where do they go for lunch? Neil and I hope to answer these questions; and as always, the answers await us… in time!

Bell and Slorance would be, of course, friends of the website. Their comic Dungeon Fun has been a firm favourite of mine for a fair while now, and this announcement comes just as the pair are about to debut the third issue of the book at Thought Bubble. It must be a little daunting to tell stories with the new, stern Doctor – if anybody can bring a little fun to him, it’ll be these two.

My prediction? The Doctor will meet a space tortoise within two issues. Three, tops. Issue #2 of the series is out later this month.


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