T’Bubs’14: ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ with P.M.Buchan, Indio, John Pearson and more

Another new book debuting at Thought Bubble! This time round it’s P.M. Buchan, returning with another anthology series following last year’s Blackout: Yolo book. For 2014, he’s put together ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, a book he’s curated with work from people like RGBJohn Pearson, Indio, Tomb Dragomir and Mark Chadwick.

Love Will Tear Us Apart promo logo


A horror anthology, the main story will be the eponymous thirty-page lead from Buchan and RGB – I don’t know what RGB stands for either, don’t worry – along with a short story written by Buchan alongside illustrations from John Pearson. Rounding out the book will be a list of the top eleven zombie songs of all time by Dragomir, and a variety of pin-ups.

So this is one of those projects that mixes comics with other kinds of storytelling, then, playing around with the form and trying out a load of new things. Buchan’s press release sayeth:

When there’s no more room in Hell and the dead walk the earth, nobody will have more to lose than parents. My outlook on life changed when I became a father and Love Will Tear Us Apart examines the ways that our motivations evolve to accommodate the needs of our families. Brutally honest, and sometimes just brutal, Love Will Tear Us Apart is for horror readers that value emotional integrity over cheap scares.

The book launches at Thought Bubble, where we’ll all be able to find out just where ‘Monster Mash’ ranks on the chart. A digital version of the comic will become available on Monday over at Buchan’s site.


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