T’Bubs’14: Orful Comics Vol 5, by Rob Cureton

Another comic launching at this year’s Thought Bubble – now only one week away! – will be a fifth volume for Rob Cureton’s long-running webcomic ‘Orful Comics‘.


Following his life as a series of small battles, the strip celebrates six years of existence on the Saturday – so what better time to launch a fifth collection of stories? If you go to the website – and you can do that right here – then you can see the strips right from the beginning. I’ve been going through them a little this afternoon, myself, and it’s interesting to see the comics develop and tighten up in terms of storytelling over the years. Just the strip above, the most recent one, demonstrates that – it’s a simple joke, told carefully, and works because of it.

Autobiographical comics are a style which seem to fit uniquely well to British comic makers – I think we’ve perhaps, if you don’t mind me generalising wildly, got a tendency to overanalyse little beats of life in ways nobody else thinks to, and those moments translate wonderfully to comics. Go take a look through the site, if you’d like to see an example of it, and maybe head across to Rob’s table at Thought Bubble?


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